Faktori Internet



The client (seller or debtor) can query up to date reports using the Faktori-internet module with a WEB-browser. The seller can also upload their invoices, in the same way as if they were sent by e-mail and uploaded into the Faktori back-office system.

The user administration currently is in the Back Office application, this can optionally be altered, so existing WEB usernames and passwords can be used for user authentication and authorization.

After a succeeded login, the screen is displayed:

  • Balance
  • Non Processed Payments
  • Uploaded invoices collections

Allow to use:

  • File upload (xlsx, csv)
  • Reports (All reports can be selected for HTML, PDF or Excel output)
    • Statement replacement
    • Periodic statement
    • Invoice details
    • Sellers and Debtors limit utilization
    • Unsettled invoices report – per seller
    • Overdue invoices report – per seller
    • Not advanced report
    • Age analysis report
    • Monthly statistics

Most important technical features

  • Currently supported web browsers:
    • Internet explorer 8+
    • Chrome 16+
    • Firefox 13+
    • Safari 5+
  • Language:
    • Hungarian
    • English
  • Custom design and function.