The Faktori software family

The Faktori software family is a complete solution that enables effective, comprehensive management of domestic and international factoring activities.

The Faktori software family consists of two systems, the Faktori Core Program, which covers the administrative and operational activities of international and domestic factoring, as well as the Faktori Internet program, which allows the electronic submission and scanning of supplier accounts and customer payments and provides a real-time information about the transactions of factoring house or bank factoring clients.

Beacuse of its uniform surface It is easy to master (user-friendly) and thanks to the applied technology, it provides continuous operation (7/24), flexible parameterization and easy administration. Its toolkit runs in easy-to-understand way through processes and gives for  users quick,easy-to-navigate dialogs.

Modern business is a series of well-prepared decisions that require up-to-date information and data availability. The Faktori software family allows business managers to access the required analytical and aggregated information immediately. Applied science give solution in the long run to track changes in the information needs of a factoring house, to effectively extend the system.

Continuous reports to state institutions are necessary  during the factoring activity. The solution we provide fluently create a quarterly, annual and audited annual HFSA report as well as the HNB report.

The Faktori software family is an OPEN SYSTEM, i.e. thanks to its XML surface it creates the connection among different software solutions created by various software houses and used by various departments. It is a solution, which makes the admission of numerous invoices and payments possible via Internet and enables the international communication via EDI. The application links to the evolved workflow, is flexible, easy to customise and set the parameters and thanks to its standard surface the introduction time can be minimised.