ESIGN Electronic Signature Records

The ESign system is based on Act CCXXII of 1995 on General Rules for Electronic Administration and Confidentiality. which governs and publishes records of trust services conducted by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority.

The system is divided into two parts, consisting of a stand-alone maintenance module and a stand-alone web queries module. Both work from their own database, but there is a strictly unidirectional relationship between them. Data recording and other operational operations are performed within the maintenance system. The maintenance system is a closed internal system, that is, only NMIA staff members have access to it. The query system is open to the public, that is through the Internet, on the homepage of NMIA (, accessible to anyone. The data that are already "published", ie authorized (controlled, approved data items) are classified in the public data category, they are also displayed in the query system's database for daily (continuous or single) data export / import, through queries.