LD – Labour Database

Interface Ltd. developed the EMMA system in 2004 as a subcontractor for HP and VT-Soft but as the exclusive owner of development rights for the Employment Office. The system is a nationwide labor register with a tens of millions of lines of data, completed with external audits (Hungarian acronym: OEP, etc.). The development was done on a Bea Weblogic platform, Java environment, Oracle database.

(Currently operating under the name LD - Labor Database - within the framework of NISP - National Infocommunications Service Provider.)

The current main users of the system are the labour inspectors, but it also provides the basis for important labour statistics and aggregations.

The system works in 7x24h operation, since it was done is continuously supported by Interface Ltd.

Since January 1, 2007, the system's input has been based on NAV data.