We undertake a flat-rate system supervision for companies, which include on-demand and remote monitoring, complete computer service and maintenance. Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience and we pay attention to their continuous training. Our company is a Microsoft Certification Partner, our experts have a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist exam.

In addition to the companies, we also cater for residential customers! We are waiting for our dear clients with the purchase and assembly of custom configurations, consultancy, computer or notebook repair work.

Our services:

  • notebooks-replacement of motherboard BGA chips (CPU, Chipset, VGA) with a guarantee!
  • new computer configuration and assembly
  • reparation of desktop computers and notebooks
  • maintenance
  • antiviring
  • PC change
    • migration
    • operating system
    • applications
    • data
  • expansion
  • data recovery
  • software installation

The direct phone number of our service: