We undertake a flat-rate system supervision for companies, which include on-demand and remote monitoring, complete computer service and maintenance. Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience and we pay attention to their continuous training. Our company is a Microsoft Certification Partner, our experts have a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist exam.

In addition to the companies, we also cater for residential customers! We are waiting for our dear clients with the purchase and assembly of custom configurations, consultancy, computer or notebook repair work.

Our services:

  • notebooks-replacement of motherboard BGA chips (CPU, Chipset, VGA) with a guarantee!
  • new computer configuration and assembly
  • reparation of desktop computers and notebooks
  • maintenance
  • antiviring
  • PC change
    • migration
    • operating system
    • applications
    • data
  • expansion
  • data recovery
  • software installation

The direct phone number of our service:


Do not know exactly what you need? We will help!

  • New computers tailored to individual requirements
  • We distribute almost all manufacturers notebook, monitor and printer to find the best solution for you
  • Used computers, notebooks, monitors, printers
  • Microsoft operating systems and office applications
  • Distributing ESET NOD32 Antivirus Software

System Management

In case of system management, our specialists will first assess the assets and needs of your site. After that, we will prepare the most appropriate individual contract for you, which may include the following services:

  • the appearance within a period of time agreed upon by the contract after the notification of the error,
  • if necessary, the delivery of repair tools to service and after repair, re-commissioning,
  • annual maintenance of the assets (software / hardware),
  • accordinhg to the to the operating agreement provide change equipment for repair,
  • restoring the software components of defective machines or devices to restore the original operating state and environment,
  • if appropriate backup devices and saved files are available to recover the last available data file,
  • once a year, to perform software review and, if necessary, to restore optimal operating conditions for software tools,
  • system-wide system management including all hardware and software related aspects,
  • a consulting opportunity to solve the computer problems of the user,
  • consultancy, system development to introduce new techniques and technologies,
  • upon request, participation in the design and implementation of new systems or system elements.

Administration service

You do not want to use an informatics on a regular basis, but you need a professional who will help you operate your computer system regularly? Use our System Administrator service! Within the framework of a contract, you can request an outsourced administrator from us on a monthly or weekly schedule.

Remote Monitoring

While remotely monitoring, your computer is remotely accessed (requires a working intenet connection) and can primarily help troubleshoot software-related issues and run various maintenance functions. For remote access, the following tests can be started:

  • Check current operating parameters
    • CPU occupancy
    • free storage capacity
    • network utilization
  • check event logs
    • error handling
  • compliance with internet connection
  • functionality of applications
    • mail system
    • virus control system
    • custom applications
  • monitoring software updates
  • backups
  • supervising workstations
  • data backup, archiving
  • monitoring network devices, printers, and scanners
  • design and maintenance of virus protection
  • hardware and software inventory
  • supervising a mail server
  • supervision of database managers
  • design and maintenance of firewall and VPN solutions
  • creating a save policy
  • daily server status check