Interface Ltd.

Interface Ltd. was founded by five individuals in 1990. The intention of the founders was to build a long-term well-functioning company based on their extensive and excellent professional skills, which is constantly present in the most important sectors of the Hungarian economy: public administration, health, education, industry, trade, financial, banking sector, telecommunications and media. 

Interface Ltd. is currently a business company owned by six Hungarian IT entrepreneurs, with the mission of creating value and quality in the Hungarian IT market with the available intellectual capital and infrastructure, which is also internationally valid.

The purpose of Interface Ltd. is to make the information systems and its operation available to the participants of the Hungarian economic life by the development of state- of-the- art technologies, in a word, in order to make their IT investments  as profitable as possible.


Company Data

  • Company name: 

    Interface Information Technology Limited Liabily Company

  • Company short name:

    Interface Ltd.

  • Date of foundation:


  • Registration number:


  • Seat of the Company:

    1039 Budapest, Árpád utca 64.

  • Postal address:

    1311 Budapest, Pf. 6.

  • Executive Director:

    Pronk Dénes